Made with Xara The Parish Council sits every month except August on the second Monday of the month in the Committee Room at Norton Village Hall. It is well supervised by the Council Leader Stuart Maunder. Meeting start at 7.30pm and members of the public are welcome to attend. As can be expected the Council deals with all matters local that affect the village and work very closely with the South Somerset District Council, so much so that the councillor who represents the village attends every meeting to understand the villagers point of view and put forward the views of the District Council and general advice. The Parish Clerk is Louise Brooks: Telephone: 01935 881882;  e-mail: The Minutes of meetings are publicised after they have been approved by the council as “A true record of the meeting”.  This approval takes place at the following meeting, therefore minutes posted here are up to two months after the related meeting. South Somerset MINUTES OF NORTON SUB HAMDON PARISH COUNCIL MONTHLY MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER 2018 IN THE COMMITTEE ROOM, THE VILLAGE HALL AT 7.30 P.M. 18/1310 PRESENT:  Mr S. Maunder (Chairman), Mr C Campbell, Mr J Cole, Mrs L. Brooks (Clerk), Mrs S. Seal (District Councillor), Mark  Keating (County Councillor), Mrs E Maunder (CLT & HYG)  and 4 members of the public.  18/1311 APOLOGIES:   Mrs R. Middleton (Work commitments)   Mrs P. Biddle (Holiday)  Mrs S. More (Vice Chair), (Family commitments)  Mr B Matraves – did not show. No apologies were received.  18/1312 PUBLIC TIME  18/1312/a  Public Time:  A member of the public wished to thank the developer on New Road for being so considerate when the road was closed  due to new drainage works recently.   Clerk to write an email of thanks.      Action:  Clerk  18/13012b  P.C.S.O. Report: The PCSO was not present and no report had been received.    18/1312/c  District Councillor:   Councillor Seal informed the Parish Council of the recent result from the planning appeal at Little Norton which was  successful.  She also talked about the recent transformation at SSDC and how everything is going well.  Due to losing a  couple of planning officers the planning department still have a back log and they have limited the times as to when they  can be contacted.  Councillor Seal also outlined the financial problems that Somerset County Council are in.  They have to make savings of  28 million and will be cutting services that will affect everyone, including education, special needs, social care, gritting  of roads, transport, day care for the elderly, early years and youth services.  A meeting was to be held on Tuesday 11th at  SCC to announce their proposals. They are at risk from the enforcement of a 114 notice.  18/1312/d  County Councillor:   County Councillor Mark Keating was present at the meeting.  He had emailed a monthly report previous to the meeting  to the Clerk who had forwarded it to all the Parish Councillors’.  He also discussed the trouble that SCC were in.  He also  informed everyone present that Council Tax would be increasing significantly.  18/1312/e CLT Update  Mrs Maunder reported that the shop continues to do well. She also confirmed that the assistant manager was leaving.   The role had been advertised internally to see if a suitable candidate applied who lived locally.  If no one applied or was  suitable then an external advert would follow.  18/1312/g  Hamdon Youth Group:   Mrs Maunder informed the Parish Council that any grants that had been previously available from SCC would now be  cut.  This would leave the HYC short by approximately £6,500 per year.  They need £14,000 every year to keep going.   She informed the meeting that the group were trying to apply for charity status but this was not an easy process.  The  AGM for Hamdon Youth Group will take place on Thursday 27th September at Norton village hall.  18/1313 MINUTES:   The Minutes from the July meeting have been circulated.  They were agreed and signed.  Proposed: Cllr. Campbell  Seconded: Cllr. Cole  Agreed unanimously.  18/1314 MATTERS ARISING: 1. Seat Carving From Tree Trunk:  The Clerk has been meeting wood carvers to get quotes for carving a seat from the Ash tree trunk left in the recreation ground.    The Clerk and the arborist responsible for the tree felling spoke to the wood carvers.  The quotes ranged from £1800.00, £1200.00 and the third was £750.00.  Following further talks with the arborist, it was felt these prices were extremely inflated and although not qualified himself has offered to make a rustic seat for the Parish.  This would cost in the region of:  £240.00.  The Parish Council made a resolution to allow him to go ahead with this.  Clerk to organize.      Action:  Clerk Proposed: Cllr. Campbell  Seconded: Cllr. Cole  Agreed unanimously.  2. Defibrillator Training – Update:   The Clerk reported that after advertising the free training session for two consecutive months, only one member of the public has come forward and shown any interest. Therefore, it was decided that this training would not be going ahead as there didn’t seem to be a demand for it.  Clerk to inform the resident who enquired.                                               Action:  Clerk 3. Naming of New Development:  The Clerk had received notification from the SSDC offices regarding the proposed name from the developer of the new development on New Road.  The proposal was “Rosebay Close”.  The Parish Council felt this was not a good name for the development and the Clerk informed SSDC.  The Parish Council were asked to come up with some other alternative suggestions.  This was discussed at the meeting in great detail.  It was decided that due to the land being best remembered as a fruit farm, and renowned for its Bramley apples, the development should be named after these.  A member of the public present at the meeting suggested ‘Bramley Fields’ which everyone decided was perfect. A resolution was made to inform SSDC of this decision.        Proposed: Cllr. Maunder       Seconded: Cllr. Cole  Agreed unanimously.  4. Update from SCC Andy Lambart:  Mr Lambart has been working hard for the Norton residents that suffered with flooding back in 2016. He sent a report to the Clerk which said, ‘We are working with five properties in NsH that flooded internally on the 6/2/16. We are funding/spending £9,600 on the five properties. This averages at £1,200 per household. The total Property Level Protection scheme for the whole of Somerset is approximately £33,000.  This money comes from the SCC Flood and Water Risk Management fund.  Which for your information has been cut by £80,000 in the recent days cuts.  Meaning that NsH will have received 29% of the overall PLR assigned budget for Somerset 18/1315 PLANNING: 18/1315/a  Matters for report:  Nothing to report 18/1315/b      Decisions Notified: 17/04124/FUL - Land Opposite Tinkabee Cottage,Little Norton,Norton Sub Hamdon,Stoke Sub Hamdon,Somerset,, NOTIFICATION OF APPEAL.  The result of the appeal has now been received.  This has been granted permission. 18/00726/FUL Rocklands House, Little Street. Conversion, side extension and alteration of existing coach house to form a separate dwelling house.  Approved. 18/1315/c Applications for consideration. Nothing to report 18/1316 FINANCE:  18/1316/a  Matters for report:   Nothing to report 18/1316/b  Matters for resolution  Nothing to report.  118/1316/c Cheques Payable  Louise Brooks Salary & Allowances – July & August 2018                    £      677.60 chq no: 1378 SSDC               Clerk GDPR training                 £        35.00 chq no: 1379 Down2Earth                            Footpath Maintenance / Clearing                                      £        55.00 chq no: 1380 Louise Brooks                         Laptop for Clerk, software and antivirus                           £     488.95 chq no: 1381 Proposed: Cllr. Campbell Seconded: Cllr. Cole Agree unanimously. 18/1317 VILLAGE HALL:  Councillor Cole reported that the website was currently being updated so it would include a calendar, so people who were  enquiring about availability, would be able to see immediately if the date they were interested in was available.  18/1318 RECREATION GROUND:  Nothing to report  18/1319 CORRESPONDENCE:   Nothing to report 18/1320      FOOTPATHS: Nothing to report  18/1321 MEMBERS’ REPORTS: Nothing to report  There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.40pm.  The next meeting will be held on Monday 8TH OCTOBER at 7.30pm in the COMMITTEE ROOM, VILLAGE  HALL    Key Contact Details Authority Name NORTON SUB HAMDON PARISH COUNCIL CLERK & RESPONSIBLE FINANCE OFFICER NAME: Mrs Louise Brooks ADDRESS: Sheales Higher Street Norton sub Hamdon Somerset TA14 6SN TELEPHONE NO: 01935 881882 or  07791 561 426 EMAIL ADDRESS: CHAIRMAN NAME: Mr Stuart Maunder ADDRESS: 2, Church View, Great Street Norton sub Hamdon Somerset TA14 6SG TELEPHONE NO: 01935 881152 EMAIL ADDRESS: INDEPENDENT INTERNAL AUDITOR NAME: Mr Michael Orchard ADDRESS: Apple Lodge Rectory Lane Norton sub Hamdon Somerset TA14 6SP TELEPHONE NO: 01935 881344 EMAIL ADDRESS: