Made with Xara The Parish Council sits every month except August on the second Monday of the month in the Reading room in Great Street. It is well supervised by the Council Leader Stuart Maunder. Meeting start at 7.30pm and members of the public are welcome to attend. As can be expected the Council deals with all matters local that affect the village and work very closely with the South Somerset District Council, so much so that the councillor who represents the village attends every meeting to understand the villagers point of view and put forward the views of the District Council and general advice. The Parish Clerk is Louise Brooks: Telephone: 01935 881882;  e-mail: The Minutes of meetings are publicised after they have been approved by the council as “A true record of the meeting”.  This approval takes place at the following meeting, therefore minutes posted here are up to two months after the related meeting.  Agenda for next meeting at bottom of page. South Somerset MINUTES OF NORTON SUB HAMDON PARISH COUNCIL MONTHLY MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 12TH MARCH 2018 IN THE READING ROOM AT 7.30 P.M. 18/1252 PRESENT:  Mr S. Maunder (Chairman), Mrs P Biddle, Mr B Matraves, Mr R Middleton Mr J Cole, Mrs L. Brooks (Clerk), Mrs S.  Seal (District Councillor), Mark Keating and 1 member of the public.  18/1253 APOLOGIES:   Mrs S More (Vice-Chairman)(Illness)  Mr C Campbell, (Illness)  18/1254 PUBLIC TIME  18/1254/a  Public Time:  Nothing to report  18/1254/b  P.C.S.O. Report: The PCSO was not present and no report had been received.    18/1254/c  District Councillor:   Councillor Seal mentioned that the budget has now been accepted and was delighted to announce that SSDC had  managed to still award a grant for Arts.  She also discussed the forthcoming events at Ham Hill over Easter and the  clearing of gorse and brambles that was happening.  Also there were plans to develop a woodland adventure trail.  18/1254/d  County Councillor:   County Councillor Mark Keating was present at the meeting.  He had emailed a monthly report previous to the meeting  to the Clerk who had forwarded it to all the Parish Councillors’.   The Clerk asked him about issues we have with blocked  gullies/drains and pot holes – both of which have been reported to Highways but nothing has been done.  He replied that  an email should be sent to to Mike Fear (Highways) to report it and also to get areas of the village where there are  problems with flooding, classified as red and therefore jetting should be carried out on an annual basis. Councillor  Keating said he would also chase it up.  He also suggested that the Parish Council should pay to have SSDC Streetscene  come and clean the gullies.   Clerk to send email to Highways and also find out prices from SSDC.                       Action:  Clerk  18/1254/e CLT Update  Mrs Maunder reported that both the shop and Post office were going well. No decision has been made yet regarding the  solar array but there has also been no objections reported either.  The CLT are still working hard regarding the street  lighting at Minchington.  18/1254/g  Hamdon Youth Group:  The youth Group is still doing well .  They are looking at registering as a charity as this would then enable them to apply  for more grants.  18/1255 MINUTES:   The Minutes from the February meeting have been circulated.  They were agreed and signed.  Proposed: Cllr. Matraves   Seconded: Cllr.Maunder  Agreed unanimously.  18/1256 MATTERS ARISING: 1. Litter pick- Confirmed date: SATURDAY 17TH MARCH.  The Clerk reminded the Parish Council that the Annual litter pick for the village was taking place this Saturday 17th March starting at 9.30pm. 18/1257 PLANNING: 18/1257/a  Matters for report:  Nothing to report 18/1257/b      Decisions Notified: 18/00020/FUL  Cartbridge, Little Street. Erection of a five bay garage – REVISED PLANS – awaiting notification from SSDC .  Update 17.03.18 PLANNING APPLICATION - WITHDRAWN 18/1257/c Applications for consideration. 18/00288/S73  Former Garden Centre site, New Road.- application to vary condition 02 on approved plans    14/04642/FUL.  Revised drawings to accommodate minor alterations to window and door positions on plots, apart from plots 13-16 and plots 18-20 which have been amended to accommodate affordable housing provision.  Alterations to external materials to provide a mixture of natural stone and render to plots 2,3,11,1 and 13-20 and render to garages. The Parish Council had to submit their observations before the March meeting due to time restrictions set by SSDC.  The following was sent to SSDC:- Due to this application missing the February Parish Council meeting, the Parish Councillors have only seen this application individually and therefore it has not been discussed publicly. Firstly, I need to confirm - Nobody has any problems with the small change to the layout of the site and the breakdown of the affordable element. However, the following points have been made: This is a traditional hamstone village.  One of the original stipulations that the Parish Council asked for was that the development should be in natural stone. It is important that this development fits into it.  Now there seems to be a fair amount of render being requested.  It is felt by some Parish Councillors that this will cheapen the look of the development.  It is important that the render should not be visible to the road or Ham Hill and should be kept to a minimum. The Parish Council would like to request a coloured render like K-rend be used.  This is due to it requiring little maintenance.  If these houses are to be affordable homes, then residents will not have the income to do maintenance on cheap render.  The cost of painting normal render is expensive and could easily be neglected. We would request that the colour of the Krend be of a 'hamstone' colour rather than the off white, as shown on the plan please. Although no Parish Councillor has actually objected to the white UPVC windows and doors, a lot were not keen on this proposed change - again, some feel this would cheapen the site. All the Parish Councillors want to reiterate that there should be no parking allowed on the New Road frontage of this site - this is a fast road with parking already present from the existing houses.  It is also right by the entrance to the school and  therefore a very busy road. THE PARISH COUNCIL HAVE ASKED FOR A SITE MEETING WITH THE DEVELOPER AND PLANNING OFFICER TO DISCUSS THEIR CONCERNS REGARDING THE PROPOSED CHANGES 18/00610/FUL  Keepers Cottage, Little Norton – Erection of an oil fuel tank.  The Parish Council had no objections to this application. 18/00529/FUL  Willow Barn, Higher Street – Insertion of 3 windows to ground floor rooms.  The Parish Council had no objections to this application. 18/1258 FINANCE:  18/1258/a  Matters for report:   Nothing to report 18/1258/b  Matters for resolution  Keys for the village hall:  The Clerk will become a key holder for the village hall.  Therefore, a new set of keys need to  be cut.  Some of these keys are security keys are costly.  The Parish Council agreed to a maximum spend of £120.00 for  this.  Proposed: Cllr. Biddle  Seconded: Cllr. Maunder    Agreed unanimously.  18/1258/c  Cheques Payable  Louise Brooks      Salary & Allowances – February 2018 £     320.70    chq no:1356 Proposed: Cllr. Matraves Seconded: Cllr. Biddle Agreed unanimously. 18/1259 VILLAGE HALL:  The pot holes are still waiting to be filled. This should happen within the next week.  18/1259 RECREATION GROUND:  1. New trees Planted – the clerk reported that the two new Oak trees and 2 horse chestnut trees had now been planted.  2. Essential Tree Work/Maintenance to 5 limes, 1 horse chestnut, 1 beech, 1 birch and 1 field maple and the removal  of a mature Ash tree due to disease.   The Clerk and Councillor Campbell had a site meeting with arboriculture Jon Brown.  Councillor Campbell  discussed the ash tree needing to be removed due to disease.  Also, 5 lime trees, 1 horse chestnut, 1 beech, 1 birch  and 1 field maple need shaping and crown lifting as the low branches are at a dangerous eye level for children –  safety risk.  The Clerk received two quotes for the work.  JC Brown £1425.00 and Arborocare £ 1650.00.   The Parish Council made a resolution to accept Jon Brown’s quote. Clerk to sort date etc.   Action:  Clerk  Proposed: Cllr. Maunder  Seconded: Cllr. Middleton   Agreed unanimously.  18/1260 CORRESPONDENCE:   The Clerk reported that all correspondence had been emailed to all the Parish Councillors.  1. Thank you letter from St Margaret’s Hospice.  The Clerk reported that a letter had been received regarding the  recent donation the Parish council made.  2. The Glebe – update on gate and tree.  The Clerk reported that she had received a letter from the GTH agent.  The  tree work would be carried out within the next 6-8 weeks.  John Forrest is looking into getting SCC to replace the  gate.  3. Hamdon Medical Centre requested a donation for Dr. Bulley’s leaving party.  However, the Parish Council were  unable to donate public money to an individual person.  Clerk to write to explain this.                Action:  Clerk  18/1261 FOOTPATHS: Nothing to report      18/1262 MEMBERS’ REPORTS: Councillor Cole reported that a support rail was still required at the river entrance in Broadmead Lane.  Clerk to speak to  Matt Orchard.      Action:  Clerk  Councillor Biddle requested that the landowner be contacted again regarding the state of the footpath behind Barn  Orchard                Action:  Clerk  Councillor More reported that a resident had forwarded some questions to her.  They were  1. Replacement dog bin lid for the bottom of the rec.  The Clerk reported that a new lid cannot be purchased on its  own.  Clerk was asked to include this on the April Agenda.  2. Asked whether there was a requirement for an unimpeded view to the church from the recreation field?    Councillor Maunder said there was a small triangle on an old map that shows there must be an open view of the  church tower from the top of New Road (Great Street end - near the footpath by the school).  This view is not  impeded.  3. Asked if it was intended to repair of reinstate a new kissing gate on the footpath to the west of the church.   Councillor Maunder said this would not happen.  If a new gate was purchased it would be of modern galvanize  design.  The gate was safe and had much history and character.   There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.40pm.  The next meeting will be held on Monday 9th April at 7.30pm in the COMMITTEE ROOM, VILLAGE HALL