Made with Xara The Parish Council sits every month except August on the second Monday of the month in the Reading room in Great Street. It is well supervised by the Council Leader Stuart Maunder. Meeting start at 7.30pm and members of the public are welcome to attend. As can be expected the Council deals with all matters local that affect the village and work very closely with the South Somerset District Council, so much so that the councillor who represents the village attends every meeting to understand the villagers point of view and put forward the views of the District Council and general advice. The Parish Clerk is Louise Brooks: Telephone: 01935 881882;  e-mail: The Minutes of meetings are publicised after they have been approved by the council as “A true record of the meeting”.  This approval takes place at the following meeting, therefore minutes posted here are up to two months after the related meeting. South Somerset MINUTES OF NORTON SUB HAMDON PARISH COUNCIL MONTHLY MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 11th SEPTEMBER 2017 IN THE READING ROOM AT 7.30 P.M. 17/1079 PRESENT:  Mr S. Maunder (Chairman), Mrs S More, Mrs P Biddle, Mr B Matraves, Mr C. Campbell, Mr J Cole, Mr R. Middleton  Mrs L. Brooks (Clerk), Mr M. Keating (County Councillor), Mrs E. Maunder and 6 members of the public.  17/1080 APOLOGIES:   Mrs S. Seal (District Councillor), Holiday  17/1081 PUBLIC TIME  17/1081/a  Public Time:  A member of the public reported that the drains were blocked with silt and grit coming down off Sandy Lane into Little  Norton and now there was vast amount of gravel sitting at the bottom of the road on the bend by their entrance.  This was  now directing water right into their driveway.  County Councillor Mark Keating asked for the details to be emailed to him  by The Clerk and he would follow this up as well.         Action:  Clerk  Ken Dives:  The Parish Council was very sad to see Ken leave his role as the P.P.L.O. The Parish Council thanked him  for all his hard work in keeping the footpaths in superb condition and working tirelessly with SCC to achieve this.  They  wished him well in his new home.  17/1081/b  P.C.S.O. Report: The PCSO was not present and no report had been received.  17/1081/c  District Councillor:   Councilor Seal sent her apologies and there was no report available.  17/1081/d  County Councillor:   County Councillor Mark Keating was present at the meeting.  He had emailed a monthly report previous to the meeting  to the Clerk who had forwarded it to all the Parish Councillors’. He reported that he has got SCC to review the brown  sign rules and has put forward a strong case for the need for a brown sign for the village shop.  He also mentioned that he  has asked for a schedule for the gully emptying so everyone knows what to expect.  Councillor Maunder commented how  there had been an extension to the double white lines on the A356 at the top of the hill just after Holy Tree and thanked  Mark for his work to help obtain this.  It was also highlighted the need for the white lines in the village to be remarked  and also for the 30mph signs to be painted back onto the roads at the Turnpike entrance to the village.                         Action:  Clerk  17/1081/e CLT Update  Mrs Maunder reported that the shop was continuing to do well with new stock and ranges being added.  There had been  no further news regarding the S278 agreement at Minchington although Councillor Keating reported that he is still  working hard to get some answers for her.  There is also no news on the New Road development.  17/1081/g  Hamdon Youth Group Update:    Mrs Maunder reported that they had just had their AGM and thanked Councillor Maunder for attending.  She spoke about  how they now had 60 young people registered in their group, but was disappointed that no parents attended the meeting.   She explained how the Youth Worker also did a lot of counselling work at these meetings and had helped many young  people in many different ways.  Grants are becoming harder and harder to get with the paperwork sometimes being very  lengthy and time consuming to fill in.  The HYG is completely grant funded and cost approximately £12,000 a year to  run.  She thanked the Parish Council for their ongoing support.  17/1082 MINUTES:   The Minutes from the July meeting have been circulated.  They were agreed and signed.  Proposed: Cllr. Campbell  Seconded: Cllr. Biddle     Agreed unanimously.  17/1083 MATTERS ARISING: Actions from previous meeting had been concluded or are included in Minutes  17/1083/a Introduction from new Village Agent – Catherine Holloway The Village Agent attended the meeting and explained what her role was.  She will write an article to be included in the newsletter so people are able to contact her directly if they have any need for her help. 17/1083/b Electoral Review of South Somerset District Council Area This was discussed but The Chairman asked for it to be included on the October Agenda so questions can be asked to Councillor Seal when she is back.     Action:  Clerk 17/1084 PLANNING: 17/1084/a  Matters for report:  Nothing to report 17/1084/b      Decisions Notified: 17/02340/LBC   Brook House, Little Street, Internal alterations and new internal entrance. APPROVED 17/1084/c     Applications for consideration: 17/02881/FUL  Land adjoining no.15 Broadmead Lane. Erection of a single storey eco dewelling and relocation and alterations to existing alterations.   - ** SSDC DECLINE TO DETERMINE  Explanation from SSDC Planning Officer ‘This application is similar in most respects to the recently refused application  16/00612/FUL, an appeal against which was dismissed on behalf the Secretary of  State for Communities and Local Government on 15 December 2016. I note that you  have sought to address minor issues such as the driveway surface, garage doors and  walls. However, the proposal is identical in most respects to the earlier application, and  you have submitted the identical Design & Access Statement and Traffic Statement.  The major impacts of the proposal remain as previously, and as set out in the appeal  Inspector’s decision.  I am therefore advising you that this authority declines to determine the application, as  provided for under Section 70A of the Town and Country Planning Act’ .  17/1085 FINANCE:  17/1085/a  Matters for report:   Nothing to report  17/1085/b  Matters for resolution  Nothing to report               17/1085/c  Cheques Payable  SSDC          Tree removal at the recreation ground        £     501.88 chq no: 1331 Louise Brooks          Salary & Allowances – July & August        £     641.40 chq no: 1332 Ian Murray                New Lock and chain for rec gate (from Screwfix)        £     109.21 chq no: 1333 NSH Village Hall     Grant for Village Hall for necessary improvements        £  3,000.00 chq no: 1334 Proposed: Cllr. Middleton Seconded: Cllr. Campbell Agreed unanimously. 17/1086 VILLAGE HALL:  Necessary Improvements to the village hall:    Councillor Cole discussed the quotes for the painting, the new surface to the patio area and the double doors that were all  necessary work.  Councillor Maunder explained how Councillor Seal was also trying to get a grant from SSDC to help  towards the work.  The Parish Council agreed to grant the village hall £3,000.00 towards the costs as it is a huge asset to  the village. (This included the £1,000.00 that was agreed at the July meeting)  Councillor Cole also reported that the  Village Hall Committee had increased the prices for the use of the hall and intended to raise further funds next year with  some fund raising events.  The cheque was passed to Councillor Cole.  Proposed: Cllr. Maunder Seconded: Cllr. Biddle Agreed unanimously. 17/1087 RECREATION GROUND:  Nothing to report  17/1088 CORRESPONDENCE:   The Clerk reported that all correspondence had been emailed to all the Parish Councillors.  17/1089 FOOTPATHS: Introduction to John Forrest – New P.P.L.O.  The Parish Council met John who has very kindly agreed to take over the  role from Ken Dives.  John reported the increase in the amount of rubbish by the school gate and asked if we could write to the school to ask  them to educate the children in the importance of binning their litter.      Action:  Clerk  17/1090 MEMBERS’ REPORTS: Councillor Matraves asked about the possibility of having some fitness equipment installed in one of the play areas. It  was felt that Minchington would be the better place for this.  Councillor Maunder asked for it to be included on the next  Agenda and speak to Councillor Seal in October.      Action:  Clerk  Councillor Cole reported that there was a problem with the hedge down at the bottom of Broadmead lane that was  growing further and further into the road.  This is an area where cars park so therefore cars are parking further into the  road making it very tight for farm vehicles to pass by.  The Clerk was asked to speak to Highways regarding getting them  to write to the owners of the hedge to get it cut.      Action:  Clerk  There being no further business the meeting closed at  8.55pm.  The next meeting will be held on Monday 9th October 2017  at 7.30pm in the Reading Room.