Made with Xara The Parish Council sits every month except August on the second Monday of the month in the Reading room in Great Street. It is well supervised by the Council Leader Stuart Maunder. Meeting start at 7.30pm and members of the public are welcome to attend. As can be expected the Council deals with all matters local that affect the village and work very closely with the South Somerset District Council, so much so that the councillor who represents the village attends every meeting to understand the villagers point of view and put forward the views of the District Council and general advice. The Parish Clerk is Louise Brooks: Telephone: 01935 881882;  e-mail: The Minutes of meetings are publicised after they have been approved by the council as “A true record of the meeting”.  This approval takes place at the following meeting, therefore minutes posted here are up to two months after the related meeting. South Somerset MINUTES OF NORTON SUB HAMDON PARISH COUNCIL MONTHLY MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 13th NOVEMBER 2017 IN THE READING ROOM AT 7.30 P.M. 17/1103 PRESENT:  Mr S. Maunder (Chairman), Mrs S More, Mrs P Biddle, Mr B Matraves, Mr R. Middleton, Mr C. Campbell, Mr J Cole,  Mrs L. Brooks (Clerk), Mrs S. Seal (District Councillor), Mr M. Keating (County Councillor)  Mrs E. Maunder and  10   members of the public.  17/1104 APOLOGIES:   Nothing to report  17/1105 PUBLIC TIME  17/1105/a Public Time:  A member of the public asked if it was possible to have a brown sign on the A356 showing local amenities.  The  Chairman told him that our County Councillor was already seeing to this.  A number of complaints have been received regarding the Clay Pigeon Club shooting on Remembrance Sunday.  Their  actions were felt to be completely out of order and disrespectful.  A member of the public requested that a letter be  written to the clay pigeon shooting club stating how the village felt about this.  The Clerk was asked to write a letter to  the club and also send a copy to the landowner and Stoke Parish Council.  17/1105/b  P.C.S.O. Report: The PCSO was not present and no report had been received.  17/1105/c District Councillor:   District Councillor Seal informed the Parish Council of the very sad news that Ian Clarke had passed away suddenly over  the weekend.  Ian Clarke played a huge part in Norton getting their village hall and will be very sadly missed by  everyone.  17/1105/d  County Councillor:   County Councillor Mark Keating was present at the meeting.  He had emailed a monthly report previous to the meeting  to the Clerk who had forwarded it to all the Parish Councillors’. He outlined the progress he’s making with the brown  road sign for the village.  He also reported that Andy Lambart was due next week to sort out the ditch on Great Street.  17/1105/e CLT Update  Mrs Maunder had nothing to report.  17/1105/g Hamdon Youth Group Update:    John Bailey gave his report.  See below  17/1106 MINUTES:   The Minutes from the October meeting have been circulated.  They were agreed and signed.  Proposed: Cllr. Campbell  Seconded: Cllr. Biddle  Agreed unanimously.  17/1107 MATTERS ARISING: Actions from previous meeting had been concluded or are included in Minutes  17/1107/a Rob Parr SSDC – Outdoor Gym Equipment Rob Parr kindly attended the meeting and informed the Parish Council in more detail about the outdoor gym equipment that is available but also the expense and the commitment that is required to maintain it. There were many pros and cons to installing such equipment and it was felt that the Parish Councillors needed to give it more thought first.    17/1107/b HYG Annual Report – John Bailey John Bailey came and gave a presentation to the Parish Council and explained the successes of the Youth Group. He thanked the Parish Council for their continued support.  He explained there was now 60 attendees most weeks. He outlined the funding that was being cut from many different sources, the struggle to get grants and the increase in costs.  He also reported on the problem with finding volunteers.  It was felt that there was a need for either increasing the Youth Workers hours or funding an assistant who could work alongside the Youth Worker. However, due to no report being received by the Clerk, The Parish Councillors felt they were not in a position to consider any extra the financial support until they had had time to read the report.  The Clerk was asked to include this on the December Agenda     Action:  Clerk   17/1107/c Allotments Update Liz Maunder, who is the administrator for the allotments, reported that due to an increase in expenditure there would be no payments made to the ‘poor widows of the village’ this year.  She explained that due to the removal of some willow trees that had been planted on an allotment a few years ago at the cost of £220.00, plus the cost to cut the inside of the hedge at £80.00 there had been some major expenses.  Plus there was now a requirement to strim the grass 4 times a year instead of 3. 17/1108 PLANNING: 17/1108/a Matters for report:  Nothing to report 17/1108/b      Decisions Notified: Nothing to report 17/1108/c     Applications for consideration: 17/03987/LBC The Georgian Wing, Great St.  Removal of C20th infill to restore the hall to its correct double height space. Replacement of modern incorrect skirting boards in the drawing room, bedroom and bathroom, and bathroom.  The Parish Council had no objections to this planning application. 17/04124/FUL Land opposite Tinkabee Cottage, Little Norton.  Change of use of land, stationing of a log cabin and two shepherds huts for holiday let. The Parish Council felt they would not object to this application but would request that the following conditions below are enforced: The conditions are: 1. That in keeping with other non-standard accommodation in Little Norton, permission should be granted on either a 3 or 5 year temporary basis.  At the 3 or 5 year review we could ask to look at occupancy and number of visitors to determine if it was a good alternative use for the agricultural land.  If not, then change of use could be revoked/refused 2. A condition is implemented stating that there is a time limit on any one staying.  This condition will limit the period of occupation of the properties, either specifying a maximum length of stay or specifying that the property is to be occupied only during certain months of the year. (This will need to be monitored and enforced at all times by SSDC) 3. A condition which prohibits permanent residential occupancy. 4. A condition that there was to be no additional buildings of any description to be added to this site at a later date. 5. To have low key lighting installed in and around the area, with only ground level lighting used. 6. Improvements to the access must include a new type of gating e.g. a five bar wooden gate that is in-keeping with the area. 7. The drain across the entrance needs to be fully piped before a new surface is put down. 8. All the improvements to the entrance have to be completed before any buildings come onto the site. 9. There is to be no parking on the roadside. 10. There is to be parking for no more than 5 cars parked on site at any one time. 11. The whole site needs to be completely cleaned of rubbish before any building is installed. 12. Solar/Wind power only. No noisy generators.  Mains electric to be used as an emergency backup only. 17/1109 FINANCE:  17/1109/a Matters for report:   Nothing to report  17/1109/b  Matters for resolution  1. Budget for 2018/19.  The budget for 2018/19 has now been emailed to every Parish Councillor. However, it was felt that a resolution could not be made until the funding for the Youth Worker had been agreed.  The Clerk was asked to include this on December’s Agenda.               Action:  Clerk 2. Play Area Rubber Matting.  Councillor Maunder reported that the play area matting at the rec had become slippery again.  The Clerk reported that she had met Jon Brown from SSDC  at the play area.  He had spoken to the play inspector and the sports ground team at SSDC who agreed it required an algaecide treatment before jetting.  The Clerk requested two quotes-one from SSDC and one from Somerset Landscapes. The SSDC quote was £213.90 plus VAT and Somerset Landscapes was £480.00 plus VAT.  The Clerk felt that as Somerset Landscapes had only jetted the area back in May and they had also felt that an algaecide was not required, the SSDC quote was the one to go with as the area needed treating.       Action:  Clerk A resolution was made to accept the SSDC quote and have the area treated and jetted afterwards. Proposed:  Cllr Biddle  Seconded:  Cllr Maunder  Agreed unanimously.      Action:  Clerk                17/1109/c Cheques Payable  Louise Brooks                Salary & Allowances – October    £    320.70  chq no: 1340 Somerset Landscapes Ltd    Grounds Maintenance July-Sept 2017 -Rec    £  1,092.96 chq no: 1341 Proposed: Cllr. Campbell Seconded: Cllr. More         Agreed unanimously. 17/1110 VILLAGE HALL:  Councillor Cole wished to thank SSDC for the grant of £5,000.00 towards the repairs/improvements at the village hall.   The decking has almost been completed, the painting is underway and the  new doors are due in three weeks’ time.  17/1111 RECREATION GROUND:  Nothing to report  17/1112 CORRESPONDENCE:   The Clerk reported that all correspondence had been emailed to all the Parish Councillors.  Christmas Tree Recycling:  The Clerk had received an email regarding the Christmas tree recycling scheme that they  were running again.  The Parish Council agreed this was a good idea and to have the collection point in the school car  park on the left hand side, the same as last Christmas.        Action Clerk:  Grit Bag Collection:  The Clerk reported that she had received an email from Highways, regarding the 10 bags of grit  that would be available for collection on Saturday 25th November.  The parish Council decided this would not be required  due to still having bags from previous years.  17/1113 FOOTPATHS: John Forrest was present and reported that he has signed up for a strimmer and to go on a course.  The Parish Council  said they would happily pay for both.  17/1114 MEMBERS’ REPORTS: Nothing to report  There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm.  . The next meeting will be held on Monday 11th December 2017  at 7.30pm in the Reading Room.