Made with Xara The Parish Council sits every month except August on the second Monday of the month in the Reading room in Great Street. It is well supervised by the Council Leader Stuart Maunder. Meeting start at 7.30pm and members of the public are welcome to attend. As can be expected the Council deals with all matters local that affect the village and work very closely with the South Somerset District Council, so much so that the councillor who represents the village attends every meeting to understand the villagers point of view and put forward the views of the District Council and general advice. The Parish Clerk is Louise Brooks: Telephone: 01935 881882;  e-mail: The Minutes of meetings are publicised after they have been approved by the council as “A true record of the meeting”.  This approval takes place at the following meeting, therefore minutes posted here are up to two months after the related meeting. South Somerset MINUTES OF NORTON SUB HAMDON PARISH COUNCIL MONTHLY MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 12th JUNE 2017 IN THE READING ROOM AT 7.30 P.M. 17/1056 PRESENT:  Mr S. Maunder (Chairman), Mrs S More, Mrs P Biddle, Mr B Matraves, Mr C. Campbell, Mr J Cole, Mrs L. Brooks  (Clerk), Mrs S. Seal (District Councillor), Mr M. Keating (County Councillor), Mrs E. Maunder and 1 member of the  public.  17/1057 APOLOGIES:   Mr R. Middleton (Work commitments)  17/1058 PUBLIC TIME  17/1058/a  Public Time:  Nothing to report  17/1058/b  P.C.S.O. Report: The PCSO was not present and no report had been received.  17/1058/c  District Councillor:   Councillor Seal informed the Parish Council that due to two recent elections there was very little to report.  She  mentioned that the new Public Space Protection Order across all publically accessible greenspaces in South Somerset  was now enforce and a spot fine for dog fowling was set at £80.  This can be enforced by any of the Rangers.  17/1058/d  County Councillor:   Mark Keating was present at the meeting and gave everyone a copy of his report.  He included a useful list of contact  numbers for different services at the County Council.  He also informed the Council that there is now a new leader at  SCC, David Fothergill. At the May meeting, he was asked to see if it would be possible to investigate the possibility of  having a brown sign on the A356, to advertise the village shop and Post Office.  This was looking doubtful, but he would  chase this further.  He had also been asked to chase the S278 agreement regarding the new houses at Minchington Close.   This is ongoing.  17/1058/e CLT Update  The two new part time managers have made a fantastic start and have fitted in really well. Mrs Maunder reported that  they have some great ideas to move the shop forwards.  17/1058/g  Hamdon Youth Group Update:    Councillor Biddle reported that they had received good support at both the Stoke Mayfair and at the Sherborne Castle  Fair recently.   She also mentioned what a fabulous help/support Charlie Main from Stoke has been to the youth club.  17/1059 MINUTES:   The Minutes from the May meeting have been circulated.  They were agreed and signed.  Proposed: Cllr.  Biddle  Seconded: Cllr. Campbell  Agreed unanimously.  17/1059 MATTERS ARISING: Actions from previous meeting had been concluded or are included in Minutes  17/1059/a Tree Damage in Minchington One of the new cherry trees has been vandalised and snapped off in the Minchington Recreation ground.  The Clerk has reported it to Chris Cooper at SSDC, who has subsequently had it removed.  A replacement tree will be planted in the autumn. 17/1060 PLANNING: 17/1060/a  Matters for report:  Nothing to report 17/10460/b      Decisions Notified: 17/01472/LBC Brookside Cottage, Little St. Erection of Hamstone canopy above front door.  APPROVED  17/1060/c     Applications for consideration: Nothing to report 17/1061 FINANCE: 17/1061/a  Matters for report:   Nothing to report  17/1061/b  Matters for resolution  Nothing to report               17/1061/c  Cheques Payable  Louise Brooks         Salary & Allowances – May £    320.70 chq no: 1325 Norton sub Hamdon Village Hall     Hire of the village hall 14.06.17 £      12.60 chq no: 1326 Zurich Insurance                  Annual Insurance £    538.83 chq no: 1327 Somerset Landscapes Ltd            Grounds Maintenance  Jan-March £    132.36 chq no: 1328 Proposed: Cllr. Matraves Seconded: Cllr. Biddle Agreed unanimously. 17/1062 VILLAGE HALL:  Councillor Cole asked for the Parish Council to consider a donation for new double doors leading out to the patio area  that are needed.  Clerk to include this in the Agenda for July.  Councillor Cole also discussed the need for a new patio area as the current decking is rotting and needs to be replaced.   The land that the patio area sits on belongs to the Parish Council.  He requested that the Parish Council consider creative  concreate being used instead of replacing it with decking as this will just rot again.  The Parish Council were unanimous  in their decision to allow concrete to be used but asked to be consulted on the design etc. before it is agreed.  The village hall committee also wished to thank Somerset Landscapes for the fabulous job they do in maintaining the  recreation field.  Clerk to write and thank them.        Action:   Clerk  17/1063 RECREATION GROUND:  Tree report: Chris Cooper from SSDC carried out a tree survey in the recreation ground to initially check the disease in  the horse chestnut trees that was reported, but also to check for any safety issues with the others.  A full written report  followed.  He felt that the horse chestnuts, although showing signs of early disease, felling was not required at the present  time. However, there is an Ash tree which is at a dangerous angle over the lower entrance gate at the bottom of the  recreation ground.  In his opinion it needs to come down.  If it were to fall it would come down in the lane which is well  used by horse riders and walkers.  The Clerk has taken Matt from Down2Earth to have a look to see if he could quote for  the job.  However, the tree is too large for him. Chris Cooper has been asked to quote for the job.  However, since he has  visited, a Hawthorn tree in the same area/hedge line, has come down in the strong winds and is leaning against another  tree.  This also needs to be removed at the same time. Councilor Maunder also requested that a hazel near the Ash tree be  removed as well.  The Clerk also discussed the idea that Chris suggested with planting 2 new Oak trees and horse  chestnut trees.  There is plenty of room and they will act as replacements for when the horse chestnut trees need to be  removed. Clerk to liaise with Chris Cooper to get a quote from the SSDC Arborist team and a price for new trees.                                     Action:  Clerk                                                      17/1064 CORRESPONDENCE:   The Clerk reported that all correspondence had been emailed to all the Parish Councillors.  17/1065 FOOTPATHS: Nothing to report  17/1066 MEMBERS’ REPORTS: Councillor Biddle remarked on the state of the potholes in Little Street  Councillor Biddle and Councillor More both commented on the need for the verges to be cut up Sandy Lane.   Clerk to repot to Highways.        Action:  Clerk                                                      There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.20pm.  The next meeting will be held on Monday 10th July 2017  at 7.30pm in the Reading Room.