Made with Xara South Somerset A flower show embracing vegetable, flower and craft exhibits has been held in Norton sub Hamdon since 1902. It is the express wish of the villagers of Norton sub Hamdon and Chiselborough that this practice should continue. This constitution sets out the conditions by which an elected committee shall facilitate and manage the aims of the society. 1. The Organisation shall be called:  “The Norton and Chiselborough Flower Show Society” (hereafter “Society”)    The Society incorporates the villages of Norton and Chiselborough (hereafter “the Villages”) 2. The Aims and Objectives of the Society will be: to organise and stage an annual Flower Show. to encourage horticulture, arts and crafts. to engage with the local schools promoting horticulture, photography, creative writing, arts and crafts in line with their curriculum. to organise and stage other events and activities to support the above. 3. Structure and Running of the Show a. The financial year shall run from 1st October to 30th September. b. An AGM will be held as soon as practical after the end of the financial year at which a full set of examined accounts will be presented. c. A committee will be formed at the AGM. Committee members can be from outside the villages. At the first committee meeting, officers will be elected and they will stand for one year. d. All Committee members will retire each year at the AGM, but will be eligible for re- appointment e. The Principal Officers of the Committee will consist of:  Chairman, Vice Chairman,  Treasurer,  and Secretary. All other officers will be as the committee deems necessary. f. The Committee shall determine the details of the Show, venue and date, always recognising that the Day is traditionally the third Saturday in August and that the Villages have expressed a preference for the Show to be held within a marquee. g. Notice of the appointment of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary to be published in the Norton Newsletter, the Parish magazine, or equivalent publications. h. The Committee may elect to solicit Patrons of the Society and subscribers who will contribute to the Society by donation. These people will be able to benefit from certain privileges as the Committee may decide from time to time. i. The Committee may invite and appoint a President of the Society in an honorary capacity who may be part of the committee as an ordinary member. j. The show will be an Open Show and not restricted to residents of the Villages. k. The Society shall keep, where practical, a reserve of an equivalent sum of two years running costs based on the latest year’s expenses.  If at any time the society has accrued a surplus, then, at the Committee’s discretion, the surplus may be offered back to the Villages. The means for doing this will be decided by the committee. l. Committee meetings shall be held as deemed appropriate by the Committee. Each meeting shall be chaired by the Chairman, Vice-chairman or other Officer as appropriate. The quorum for committee meetings will be 4 (four). The Committee shall endeavour to make all decisions on a unanimous basis. If this is not possible, the decision shall be made by majority vote. In the event of a tie the decision shall be made by the chairman’s casting vote. 4. The Annual General Meeting and Voting Rights a. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall take place as soon as practical after the Flower Show. b. At the AGM a report will be presented from the Chairman, Vice-chairman and Treasurer including a full set of examined accounts for the year. Reports from members organising the Show may also be given.  c. An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called by a minimum of four (4) members of the committee or by ten (10) residents of the Villages. Twenty eight days notice must be given in writing to the Secretary with names of those requesting the meeting. The date of the meeting to be advertised. d. At the AGM and EGM only committee members and residents of the Villages are allowed to vote. Patrons or subscribers do not have an automatic right to vote. e. The quorum for AGMs and EGMs will be 8 (eight) people. 5. Dissolution In the event that there is insufficient interest in the Society to warrant continuation, all funds (after all debts are honoured) shall be held in a bank or similar institution in trust and administered by the Parish Councils of Norton and Chiselborough, such that they may be available at any time for the re-forming of the Society. In the event that this lack of interest in the Society extends to a period of 5 (five) years, the funds shall be made available to the Parish Councils for the Villages to use as they see fit. The funds shall be allocated to the Villages on a per capita weighting basis (using the latest available local Electoral Roll as held by South Somerset District Council) and the Parish Councils of the Villages shall act as the holders of their respective share. At this point in time the Society shall be dissolved. 6. Amendments to the Constitution The constitution will only be changed through agreement by two thirds majority vote of those present and eligible to vote at an AGM or EGM. DECLARATION The changes incorporated in this constitution were adopted at an Extraordinary General Meeting as dated below and are the basis on which Society shall be run until such times as they are changed or amended. Constitution  for the Norton & Chiselborough Horticultural Society